Vinton honors science teacher Kacie Wing

Published 1:00 pm Saturday, March 19, 2022

Vinton City Council held its monthly meeting Tuesday. City Clerk Justin Siittig announced April 2 as the date for the Easter Smalltown Market held in downtown Vinton.

Council member Lindsey Stanley spotlightighted Kacie Wing, a Vinton Middle School science teacher, in her Pick of the Pride presentation, and it’s no wonder. Wing and her robotics team have been invited to attend the world championship in May.

According to Vinton Middle School principal Christopher Fontenot, Wing is not only a brilliant teacher and robotics coach, but also a mentor and sometimes a mother figure who works late and on weekends often supplying her own tools and snacks. She believes in her students and inspires them to achieve.

Wing and her team have garnered individual team member awards, team state championships and qualified to attend the world championship last year, which was canceled because of the pandemic, and individual awards for best robotics and excellence.

The Vinton Robotics team is currently working to raise the funds necessary to attend this year’s world championship to be held in Dallas. They will compete against teams from Asia, Mexico and other parts of the world.

Earlier this year, Stanley suggested honoring a student and teacher from each of the schools every nine weeks. PICK is an acronym that stands for Pride, Integrity, Community and Kindness. The Vinton High School mascot is a Lion and pride is a family unit of lions.

Police and fire report

Vinton Police Chief Scott Spell reported that his office responded to 321 calls, gave 210 citations and made 29 arrests.

“Eleven of those arrests were drug-related,” he said.

Fire Chief Chris Vice received 38 calls and responded to one structure fire. Arson was found to be the cause. The offender was a minor. He has been arrested.

The fire damaged a neighbor’s new privacy fence.

The structure was abandoned.