Area cities, towns receive funds for projects

Published 1:23 pm Wednesday, July 6, 2022

By Jim Beam

American Press

Cities and towns in Southwest Louisiana have received funds for local projects in Act 117 of 2022, the state’s construction or capital outlay bill.

Projects in Priority 1 may already be underway in their early stages after being approved at the 2021 legislative session. Priority 2 projects will begin during the fiscal year. Priorities 3, 4 and 5 won’t require cash expenditures during the fiscal year.

Here are the projects by city:

DeQuincy, DeQuincy Industrial Airpark, T-hangars, and taxi lane, Priority 5, $500,000. Street rehabilitation, non-recurring revenues, $750,000.

DeRidder, Education and Job Training Center, Priority 1, $203,462, Priority 5, $2.5 million, total, $2.7 million. Ellis Road and Branch Street drainage improvements, Priority 1, $150,000. Street rehabilitation, non-recurring revenues, $750,000.

Elton, street improvements, non-recurring revenues, $400,000.

Fenton, new road construction, non-recurring revenues, $350,000.

Hornbeck, West Side water system expansion, Priority 1, $105,465, non-recurring revenues, $1.5 million, total, $1.6 million.

Lake Charles, infrastructure improvements for economic development, $2 million local match, Priority 5, $4 million. Lakefront development, Priority 1, $1.95 million. Sallier Street rehabilitation, Priority 5, $2.3 million. Enterprise Boulevard extension, Priority 5, $3.5 million. Relocation of public