LAPAW in dire need of fosters, donations

Published 8:00 am Monday, August 15, 2022

Special to the Daily News

DEQUINCY — Dana Frye, the one-woman show behind LAPAW Rescue, said the organization is in desperate need of donations and fosters.

Frye said over the summer, she has taken in nearly 50 kittens and numerous dogs who need foster or adoptive homes.

With the cost of pet food and supplies increasing, as well as an influx of stray animals this summer, Frye said she needs help more than ever.

LAPAW Rescue was founded in 2003 to provide medical care and treatment of homeless, abandoned, and/or abused pets.

Though based in Sulphur, LAPAW rescues cats and dogs from Lake Charles, Vinton, DeQuincy and other areas, as well.

After Hurricane Laura in 2020, Frye had no food, water or power, but still managed to save any cat or dog in need that crossed her path.

What few fans and gas she had for her generator, Frye made sure they were used to keep her animals cool in the house.

“Rarely have we seen a person work harder to help animals in their community than Dana Frye,” said Humane Society of Louisiana Director Jeff Dorson. “She is a 77-year-old dynamo, who can outlast people far younger than she is. She is a delight to be around and rarely says no, if asked.”

Dorson said this is the community’s collective chance to return the favor and help Frye as she struggles to keep up with an ever-increasing workload and expenses.

“We would be grateful for any and all support community leaders, residents, or business owners could share with Dana,” Dorson said.

Frye is not only seeking donations for food, formula, bedding, vet bills, flea medication and more, but also anyone who would like to foster a cat or dog for a period of time until they are able to become adopted.

If anyone is interested in volunteering their time to help LAPAW Rescue, email Frye at Visit for more information.

LAPAW Rescue depends solely on donations and receives no government funding.