Inspired to create: Local photographer Lauren Quibodeaux to be national columnist

Published 9:00 am Saturday, October 15, 2022

Sulphur native and resident Lauren Quibodeaux was inspired to become a photographer when she became “a girl mom,” she said.

“I enjoyed taking photos of my son, but it wasn’t until my third firecracker came along that I gave full-time photography a serious thought,” said the 27-year-old single mom.

Her middle daughter is a pageant participant, and as such, photographs were often needed. At first, Lauren asked a professional. Then she decided to try her hand at it. When friends saw Lauren’s photographs, they asked her to take pictures of their children.

Five-and-a-half years later she realized her picture taking had evolved into more than a hobby. More importantly, she realized she was spending less and less time being a mom. So, she quit her job as a school paraprofessional and made the leap to full-time photography.

The business, TSE Polished Prints by Lauren is based, branded, and named for her three children, Tanner, Sydalee and Emeree.

“Scared girls don’t go down in history,” is a favorite inspirational quote of Quibodeaux.

“I’ve been through many trials and tribulations,” she said. “I thought it was time I bet on myself.”

Now, her work has been published in several, different nationwide magazines. Most recently she has been selected by the California-based Photograp.her. Magazine to be one of their column writers.

Her advice to other full-time photographer wannabes is to find a photographer that they admire.

“Follow them, study them and how they interact with and handle clients. See how they build relationships. Everybody can shoot and edit, but it is you, what you give, what sets you apart that will make clients choose you,” she said.

Lauren was enthralled by the work and persona of Madison Hartley.

“It was her soul and the way that she poured her love into her work,” Lauren said.