Runoff for Westlake mayor; Smith re-elected in DeQuincy

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, November 9, 2022

There will be a runoff in the Westlake mayoral race. Hal McMillan, received 689 votes, or 48 percent, of the votes cast, according to the unofficial results from the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office. Opponent Michael T. Bergeron received 531 votes, or 37 percent. Both are Republicans. A third candidate, Dan Racca, a Democrat, received 209 votes, or 15 percent.

The winner of the Westlake City Council Division C race was Clayton Rougeou with 669 votes, or 50 percent. Brian Sacksteder and William “Bill” Trimm finished the race for that seat with 343 and 322 votes respectively. All candidates are Republicans.

Republican Jeremy Cryer will serve another term as a the Westlake council member for Division B.

He received 974 votes, or 73 percent. Republican Rick Seasock received 363 votes, or 27 percent.

The race for Westlake council for Division A has led to a runoff between Lori Ellis Peterson, who received 31 percent of votes, and “Skeeter” Hayes, who received 30 percent. Opponents Cierra L. George received 15 percent of the vote and Chase White received 24 percent. All of the candidates are Republican.

Democrat Christopher James Wilrye will serve another term as Chief of Police in Westlake. He received 72 percent of the vote. Republican Michael Perez received 28 percent.

In DeQuincy, Republican Riley Smith will serve a second term as mayor after receiving 77 percent of the vote.

Eddie Dalquist, no party. will serve as Council Member at Large. It was a close race between Cameron Smith and Laurie Mueller with Smith at 114 votes and Mueller at 101 for the District 3 Council Seat. Smith won by receiving 53 percent of the votes. Both candidates are Republican.

Democrat Margaret S. Brown was elected to District 4 DeQuincy Council seat with 106 votes, or 74 percent.

In Iowa, Paul “Hounddog” Hesse, no party, and Douglas Neal Watkins, an independent, will face each other in a runoff of mayor. Hesse received 38 percent of the votes, or 333, while Watkins received 34 percent, or 299. A third candidate, Joshua Macer, other, received 243 votes, or 28 percent.