Three runoffs set for Calcasieu Parish School Board seats

Published 11:00 am Wednesday, November 9, 2022

By Emily Burleigh

American Press

Nine of 15 Calcasieu Parish School Board seats were up for grabs during Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Incumbent Aaron P. Natali, a Republican, maintained his seat as District 1 representative, defeating challenger “Rick” Batchelor, also a Republican. Natali received 2,302 votes, or 60 percent, while Batchelor received 1,503 votes, or 40 percent.

There will be a runoff for the District 2 seat. Karen Hardy McReynolds received 1,338 votes, or 43 percent. Challengers Christopher Archinard received 659 votes, or 21 percent, and Raymond Fondel received 1,089 votes, or 35 percent. All the candidates are Democrats.

District 6 incumbent Dean Roberts, a Republican, will retain his seat by 3,202 votes, or 80 percent. Challenger Cassandra Austin, a Democrat, received 794 votes, or 20 percent.

In District 7, Betty Washington, a Democrat, defeated incumbent Mack Dellafosse Jr., a Democrat. Washington received 1,344 votes, or 52 percent, while Dellafosse received 1,256 votes, or 48 percent.

“Tony” O’Banion, a Republican, won the District 10 seat against challenger Alvin Dale Smith, a Republican.

O’Banion received 2,641 votes, or 67 percent, while Smith received 1,302 votes, or 33 percent.

Phyllis Stine Ayo, a Republican, defeated challenger Derrick Trahan, a Republican, for the District 11 seat. Ayo received 2,135 votes, or 55 percent, while Trahan received 1,736 votes, or 45 percent.

District 12 incumbent Russell Castille, a Republican, defeated Georgina Graves, an independent, with 2,545 votes, or 86 percent. Graves received 419 votes, or 14 percent.

District 14 incumbent Desmond Wallace, a Democrat, will face a runoff with Jackie Hebert, a Republican. Wallace received 966 votes, or 37 percent, while Hebert received 851 votes, or 32 percent. A third opponent, Gregory Gauthier, a Democrat, received 817 votes, or 31 percent.

Shawn Baumgarten, a Republican, will face challenger Helen “Liz” Long, a Republican, in a runoff for the District 15 seat. Baumgarten received 2,153 votes, or 48 percent, while Long received 1,262 votes, or 28 percent. A third opponent, “Mike” Gray, a Republican, received 1,097 votes, or 24 percent.