Another level, Dual-threat Dibbley has Broncos poised for run at state championship

Published 1:00 pm Thursday, March 30, 2023

Sam Houston High School senior Lexi Dibbley likes to be in control when she gets on the field, and she has taken it to a whole other level this season.

The McNeese State signee has been an almost unstoppable force at the plate and in the circle for the Broncos, rated No. 3 in nonselect Division I.

“I do like being in control of the game when I am pitching, but I really enjoy hitting,” Dibbley said. “It gives me a chance to do something else for my team.

“I have been working on a lot, really. I hit, I pitch and play outfield. There is a lot that I can work on. I am just trying to help my team in any way I can. Pitching is a big part of it. I just want to do everything I can for my defense and my offense, so I can keep ahead of the game.”

Dibbley is batting .577 with 18 home runs in 25 games with 60 RBIs, 30 runs scored and has struck out five times. She said assistant coach Andrew Guillotte, a former Sam Houston High and McNeese State standout and Triple-A baseball player, has helped her improve. She is on a nine-game multi-hit streak.

“I guess I can say that I have been a little more comfortable out there,” Dibbley said. “I think I am just more focused than last year or my vision changed, I am not really sure. I am just more mentally aware of what I am doing at the plate.

“All the coaches are really helpful. They all help with different aspects of everything. Coach Guillotte has been a huge help. He has improved this program so much. I am just grateful that he is here.”

In the circle, she is 16-1 and has allowed seven earned runs in her last seven starts with 42 strikeouts. For the season, she has 135 strikeouts in 1021/3 innings and a 2.32 earned run average for the 24-1 Broncos, who own a 17-game win streak. The Broncos’ lone loss was a month ago to No. 1 St. Amant, 2-0.

“I have felt really good,” Dibbley said. “I have a great defense behind me, so I am really comfortable working up there.

“If I make a mistake, I know they are back there to back me up. That just makes it a whole lot better being in the circle.

”My rise ball and screwball have been a big part of this. (The rise ball) starts at eye level for the hitter, and once it moves up, it is just hard to lay off.”

Dibbley is confident the Broncos can reach the state tournament in Sulphur at the end of April. The Broncos lost in the semifinals last year.

“I definitely think that we will make it to state,” Dibbley said. “I think we really have a good chance this year. I think it is just a matter of keeping our focus, focusing on the little things, not getting too ahead of ourselves and making sure we do all the small things right.

“Our offense is great, don’t get me wrong, it is just the focus. We get too ahead of ourselves. Our defense is awesome, but we could do a lot better on offense by just focusing on what we can do to move runners, score, help out our teammates and do every little thing right and get a run across the plate.”